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BPH Treatment

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Meet Dr. Yafi

Dr. Yafi specializes in men’s health.

Dr.-Faysal-Yafi - Urologist in Orange County, CA

Dr. Yafi specializes in Andrology (men’s health), which includes focus on male infertility and low testosterone, and is a penile implant specialist. He is the Medical Director of the Department of Urology’s Men’s Health Program at UC Irvine in Orange County, CA. As an erectile dysfunction specialist, Dr. Yafi is a highly sought urologist for all men's health issues.

  • Dr. Yafi has received research grants from the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and the Quebec Urological Association
  • He has received recognition and rewards for his research and has been an invited guest speaker at multiple national and international conferences

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Trusted Professionals
Dr. Yafi serves as the Medical Director in the Department of Urology's Men's Health Program.

New Developments
With reduced recovery times, minimally invasive procedures performed by Dr. Yafi's team are valued in the community.

Latest Techniques
Dr. Yafi's research provides him with innovative ways to treat low testosterone and male infertility.

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